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Ad News Round-up for 7/20/15

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Facebook Will Soon Let Marketers Pay Only When Full Ad Units Are Visible

On the heels of the news that Facebook will start allowing advertisers to choose to only pay for video ads that are played for at least 10 seconds, the social media site has been drug – kicking and screaming, no doubt – into making a similar offering for image ads. Details are still forthcoming, but advertisers will soon have the option to only pay for ads that are 100% displayed on a user’s screen, although there are no minimum time requirements.

Hulu Explores Adding Ad-Free Option to Its Service

Hulu has a mere nine million subscribers compared to Netflix’s 65 million, and they’re looking to create a completely ad free service in order to improve their numbers. Currently, even those with a $7.99 monthly subscription service still see ads. It is believed that the new option will come out in the next few months and cost between $12 and $14 a month.

Apple Ads Based On Your Credit Balance Pushes Privacy Beyond The Limit

Apple apparently doesn’t want to waste its advertisers time marketing to poor people. According to a filing with the U.S. Patent Office, Apple is interested in creating an advertising system that would choose who saw an ad based on their available credit. That doesn’t sound creepy or invasive at all.

Winning the shopping micro-moments (Google Buy Button)

Google buries the lead about 40 feet under in this post. They’re now starting to test giving people the ability to buy through Google. Additionally, new ad features include ratings and reviews as well as displaying local inventory ads instead of regular ads if someone searches in a particular way, such as “tennis shoes near me.”

Rand Paul’s campaign targeting reporters with Twitter ads

This is probably one of the most ingenious uses of Twitter ad targeting I’ve seen, at least from a political perspective. Paul’s team has several lists of journalists that they want to keep in contact with, including local ones, and when they want to push a message, they create campaigns that specifically target those journalists.

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