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Twitter Experiments With Autoplay Video & Carousel Ads

By   /  March 25, 2015  /  No Comments

According to recent reports, one from AdAge and one from The Next Web, Twitter is currently testing a few new ad formats.

Video Ad Test Finally Running

Although video ads have been on the platform for a while, Twitter is just now getting around to testing autoplay ads. Twitter is try to see how people respond to ads automatically playing in their feed, and they’re doing a limited run. According to information obtained by AdAge

This autoplay video test will apply to Promoted Video ads, videos that users upload through Twitter’s mobile app and clips that are part of its Amplify program, which lets companies like ESPN and the NFL post videos with pre-roll ads.

All ads in the test will be muted unless someone clicks on them to play the ad, but there are two variations of the test: a 6 second loop and a video that plays through. To me this is an excellent idea because moving video is still eye-catching, however, not having an ad cause video to start blaring from someone’s phone will reduce ad related annoyance. According to what is known, Twitter will keep metrics from videos that are played because someone clicked on them separate from metrics for videos that auto-play.

Carousel Ads Considered

So far as I have been able to discover, Twitter hasn’t made any official announcement about these, but Twitter users have noticed new ads popping up in the mobile app for the platform. They appear fairly similar to regular and Promoted Tweets, as seen in the image below.


However, they are in a carousel format, meaning that swiping left and right shows you different ads. These appear to also be on a limited test run since no formal announcements have been made and I haven’t seen any on my own Twitter app. According to people who have noticed them, they are far less streamlined than other promoted content, so Twitter may be trying to see how people respond to more in your face advertising.

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