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Bing announces Universal Event Tracking

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In what appears to be Bing’s answer to Google’s tracking tags, Bing announced the launch of Universal Event Tracking. The new system is slated to replace the previous Campaign Analytics tracking system. Campaign Analytics will be phased out and eventually stop working in April of 2015.

UET essentially allows you to track how people behave once they get to your website from a Bing ad, and with this data, you can determine trends and improve existing campaigns. Code will need to be added to each page on your website to give you a complete picture of the actions of visitors, but once it’s been added, no further adjustments are needed. With the new UET system, you’ll be able to track and measure four different types of goals.


In addition to creating and monitoring goals, the UET system will also provide a variety of important data, including bounce rate and how often and how long people stay on your site.


One of the major benefits of the new system is that it tracks data across platforms as well as repeat visitors. Even if you’re not getting a purchase out of the first time someone visits your site, you can still determine if an ad led to an eventual sale. Since many people (browser) window shop before they buy, this can help you get a better picture of how your campaigns are (or aren’t as the case may be) working.

For more information about Universal Event Tracking, check out this article from Bing.

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