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Bing enhanced sitelinks go global

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Bing rolled out enhanced sitelinks for its users in the US in November of 2014, and they have just announced that they will be made available to users worldwide and in all languages supported by Bing. Regular sitelinks attach links, often to category pages, to a user’s ad, and enhanced sitelinks allow you to add up to two lines of descriptive text to each link.

Here’s an ad example with standard sitelinks.


And this ad has enhanced sitelinks.


Enhanced sitelinks can be shown on ads that display on desktops and tablets, and users can select which links they’d like to show based on the device they’re being shown on, with the exceptions of Taiwan and Hong Kong, where device preference options are still in the works. Because of how much real estate they take up, only sitelinks that are a maximum of 25 characters will be eligible to be used in ads with enhanced sitelinks.

According to Search Engine Watch, use of enhanced sitelinks improves ad CTR by an average of 27%, but of course, not everyone is eligible for this new feature. According to Bing’s release:

Like other Sitelinks or other Ad Extensions, Enhanced Sitelinks are not guaranteed to serve, even if eligible. Whether Enhanced Sitelinks serve depends on a number of factors, such as the relevance of your ad, relevance of the Enhanced Sitelinks, user location, space available on the page, and so forth… [O]nly high-quality ads serving in the top position in the ad block above the search results will be eligible to trigger Enhanced Sitelinks.

In other words, if your ads are doing great already, you’re probably eligible, but if you’re not dominating your competition, don’t expect help from this new ad extension.

Image Credit: Christoffer Boman

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