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Many ad agencies say Ads in the comments section is a bad idea at best

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In today’s news: Ad agencies aren’t excited about comment section ads, Google releases Apple security work around and more…

Agencies on comment section ads: ‘I don’t see an upside for brands’

The news that Livefyre was going to make the comments section ad capable made it to our daily digest a few days ago, and already, ad agencies are stating that they are less than enthused about the idea. The issue is that many brands won’t be willing to have their ads show up to racist or trolling comments, and most moderators won’t be able to ensure that all comment sections are free of these types of posts. In fact, some websites have even taken to completely removing the comments section because of the difficulty in monitoring them.

Although the brands will of course have no real relation to ugly comments, it is not likely worth the additional advertising space to be seen in the same real estate.


App-Install Ads Are A Mainstay Of The New Mobile Economy

It’s only been in the last few years that app install ads have really become popular, but according to Business Intelligence, about 30% of mobile marketing revenue came from them. They are incredibly popular because it’s easy to make these ads native, which is why they’re a mainstay on Facebook and Twitter, they provide the highest number of actions and it’s easy for advertisers to track ROI. Most mobile advertising struggles to come close to having any real idea of ROI, so these types of ads are especially attractive.


Yahoo Announces New Tumblr Sharing Tools And Native Video Ads For Developers

Yahoo continues to move forward in the mobile frontier, and they’re trying to draw in new advertisers with new reporting tools for Tumblr sharing and Flurry users as well as making it easier for advertisers to put native ads in apps. Users will now be able to share images from PicsArt directly into Tumbler, and a link back to PicsArt or an install option for the app will help drive traffic to it. Real time data will also now be available to Flurry users, with information updating every 15 seconds.

Yahoo is also making it known that they’re wanting to focus on mobile app advertising and usage since about 90 percent of users time is spent in apps and very little in mobile browsers.


Facebook Says It’s Finally Ready to Start Cracking Down on Video Pirates

After being called out on it in a very public way, Facebook is finally offering a tool to video content creators that allows them to notify Facebook that a video is theirs and that the social media site should remove it. The system will require that content creators upload their videos to Facebook, although they don’t actually have to share them. It will be interesting to see how Facebook’s video traffic reports change since they’re no longer going to be able to easily piggy back off of YouTube content, which reportedly makes up 70% of Facebook’s most popular videos.

Google makes it official: Chrome will freeze Flash ads on sight from Sept 1

It’s been fairly well-known that the latest beta version of Chrome automatically freezes Flash ads, but Google has made it official that this will be a part of the newest release of the browser. As of set September 1, 2015, the new tool will be a part of the browser. People will still be able to play Flash content if Google mistakes it for an ad by choosing to run the plug in.


Google Tells Developers How to Get Around Apple’s New Security Rules So They Can Keep Selling Ads

Apple is upping the security standards required to run mobile ads, and if app developers can’t meet the standards, their ads won’t run. Google has made public a work around that enables app developers to still run ads, even if they aren’t up to Apple’s new security requirements. According to Google, they only released the work around as a way of helping developers who can’t find another way to show ads, but let’s be real, it’s available to everyone now.

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