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Twitter announces conversion tracking enhancements

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Twitter announced via a blog post that they have added improved conversion tracking tools for advertisers. The new tools are Transaction values and Key conversions trackers.

Transaction values tracking allows you to put a dollar amount on the ROI of your promoted Tweets. To get this data, you’ll need to use Twitter’s website tag to be able to gather information about the value and quantity of purchases made after seeing a Tweet.

Key conversions tracking on the other hand allows you to specify a type of transaction that you’re interested in. For example, if a florist is looking to specifically sell certain bouquets around Mother’s Day, they may follow the sale of those particular products with Key conversion tracking. Twitter also states that advertisers can use this tool to drive more traffic to particular product pages.

They also note that:

Because Twitter conversion tracking works in a cross-device fashion, even if a user sees the flower shop’s ad on a mobile device but later converts on a desktop, Twitter Ads analytics will be able to track and report that conversion.

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