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Facebook’s trying a new mobile ad format

By   /  September 4, 2015  /  No Comments

In today’s news: Facebook tries a new mobile video ad format, Hulu goes ad free and more…

Facebook Is Testing Its Fancy New Mobile Ads

Facebook is apparently testing a new mobile ad format that is like cross between a video ad and a carousel ad. When people click on an ad, a full-screen mini-me version of the advertiser’s website opens up, and people can swipe side to side through a variety of ads. People can click to go to an external site, but the mini site is hosted on Facebook.


Hulu finally challenges netflix with ad-free streaming

After threatening it for quite a while, Hulu has announced that it will now offer a subscription service that allows people to watch completely ad-free for $11.99 per month. Previously, viewers could either watch for free or pay for reduced ads, but many people didn’t want to pay money and still see ads. I know that many are saying this is to help them compete with NetFlix and Amazon, but I’m wondering if ads aren’t as lucrative to Hulu as assumed and that has something to do with the change.

Ads on Match.com can let hackers hold computers for ransom: report

People looking for love may also find something else if they’re using the UK Match.com service. Malwarebytes, the anti-malware software developer, stated that it found code on the site that would allow hackers to take over a person’s computer and then charge people to regain control.

Apparently, the hackers used Google shortened URLs to obscure the code that would eventually lead users to a website that downloaded viruses to someone’s computer. If someone has an older version of Flash or Java on their computer, they wouldn’t even have to click on an ad to be infected.

Updated Conversion Lift Tells Advertisers Which Campaigns Work Best for Their Goal (Facebook)

Conversion Lift is Facebooks reporting that supposedly allows advertisers to see how ads on the social media site are driving business, even if clicks aren’t happening. The updated version of this tool helps advertisers identify which ads in particular are the most successful. People will now be able to tell how valuable mobile ads are and whether they should focus on lifestyle or product advertising to achieve their goals.

Honestly, I think it’s a bunch of guesswork, on par with a Ouji board and a Magic 8 ball, but if you like the tool, you’ll enjoy the new features.


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