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Bing ads performance data now available within an hour instead of four

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Bing has announced plans to improve how data is reported, and one of the first changes is to speed up campaign performance data.

According to Bing, clicks and impressions are now available in an hour or less, down from four hours. You don’t need to do anything special to access the new data, although the graph may show up a bit different thanks to offering more recent data.


The exception to this is is you’re using Bing Ads Reporting API, in which case:

The Bing Ads Reporting API contains a parameter called ReturnOnlyCompleteData that defaults to TRUE. To retrieve faster data you will need set ReturnOnlyCompleteData to FALSE and request data for the current date.

Bing has also sped up performance reports for the following: Keyword, Website Placement, Ad, Destination URL, Account, Ad Dynamic Text, Campaign, Rich Ad Component, Adgroup, Ad Extension by Keyword, Product Offer, Ad Extensions by Ad, Product Target and Ad Extension Details.

More Improvements Coming

Along with making data available faster, Bing plans on changing the way that data is made available. According to user feedback, advertisers prefer to not have to go to a different area to get performance data, so Bing plans on integrating data into campaign management areas.

Bing is being coy about exactly what is in the works, but they are focusing on:

  1. Unifying the reporting and campaign management processes
  2. Incorporating reporting tasks into the campaign workspace.
  3. Removing redundant tasks to ultimately make your life easier.

Image Credit: Peter Dyer

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