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Google My Business & AdWords Express just got a little sexier

By   /  October 31, 2014  /  No Comments

Google announced on wednesday that they have added new awesome features to the Google My Business Android App. These new features will allow advertisers to better stalk track the movements of potential customers. They are also making the AdWords Express Android App available in 20 additional countries. 1

One of the most noteworthy changes to the GMB app is the ability to be notified of and respond to customer reviews in real-time.


The image above shows both Google reviews and other web reviews (non Google), but you’re only going to be able to respond to Google reviews directly. It’s unclear where other reviews will be coming from, but I guess you’ll find out if you use the app. In addition to the smiley face take that Google puts on this feature – how happy people are when you respond to them – you can also use this to respond to dissatisfied customers and mitigate the potential damage of a bad review.

Another feature that I think a lot of brick and mortar retailers are going to love is the ability to track volume of phone calls and directions requests as well as where direction requests come from. This can help you determine staffing as well as figure out where you’re succeeding in your localized marketing efforts.


[1] Both of these changes are currently only available for Android versions of the apps. My guess is that this is due to a combination of disdain for iOS users and Apple’s app approval process, which is measured in snail years.

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