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Instagram ends testing phase, allows anyone to advertise on the site

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In today’s news: Instagram opens advertising for all, people unaware of how much publishers rely on ads and more…

Instagram gets serious about ads, opening platform to all

Instagram is moving out of their ad testing phase, which only allowed a limited number of selected companies to advertise on the platform, but they’re now opening ads to everyone. Currently, the platform boasts both very high CPM costs, around $7 per 1,000 views, as well as an average CTR that’s more than double the average.

Advertisers are also getting some bells and whistles that average users don’t have access to. Users are limited to 15 second videos, but advertisers can post 30 second ones. Additionally, users can’t post links, but advertisers can choose from five call to action options.


YouTube to provide viewability of ads to advertisers: FT

Although I’ve personally generally had a better opinion of Google than Facebook when it comes to transparency of video ad views, both companies fall down when it comes to allowing third parties to collect viewability data. However, for Google, that’s about to change. By the end of the year, third parties will be able to inject code and collect data about YouTube ads.

Facebook to Boost Mobile-Ad Market Share, as eMarketer Reverses Forecast

After initially projecting that Facebook’s share of the mobile market would dip by about 3% between 2014 and 2017, eMarketer has reconsidered and apparently now believes that the social media platform’s influence will grow by about 2%. The reversal apparently comes on the heels of a Facebook report that indicated greater user engagement and revenue. Income from other apps owned by the company, like WhatsApp and Instagram also contributed to this change in perception.


Consumers Unaware How Much Pubs Rely On Online Ads

According to a study of just over 2,000 people in the UK, people think that access to free or low-cost news publications is very important, but they also have no idea how important advertising is to keeping them available. The survey found that 62% of people were unaware that half of revenue for print newspapers comes from ads and that number is an even higher 75% for online publications. In a classic case of people being people, those who considered free publications to be very important were more likely to use an ad blocker.

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