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New Bing Ad feature gives you instant bidding results

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Bing has announced that they have a new tool for advertisers that allows them to see if their ads aren’t showing up due to low bids and if ads will start to display immediately with increased bidding.

The Bid Landscape Tool is able to show you not only if your ads are suffering due to not giving Microsoft enough money for their liking, it can also tell you what your results are expected to be based on different bidding. When you log into your account, choose the Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tool option in the Tools menu. You can do a keyword search and see if your ads will display or not, as seen in the image below.


If you click on the ellipses (otherwise known as the three little dots), you can bring up the Bid Suggestion and Instant Preview tool. As you can see, you are given a number of bid options to try along with an estimation of the clicks and cost for the bidding change.


If you choose to preview your ad with the new bids instead of just saving it, a screen will show up that will highlight your ad’s location, if a bidding increase is sufficient to get your ad to show up. This allows you to change your bids and see if your location changes, such as from the sidebar to the top ad spot. You can preview the changes without committing and can simply cancel out if you don’t want to adjust your bid.


Bing does point out that there are some ads that are so problematic that even with tons of money thrown at them, they still won’t show:

Note: This new feature currently only works for text ads. Also keep in mind that sometimes your ads can’t show even with a high bid. There are several possibilities, for example, another keyword already triggers ads for your domain, or your keyword’s quality score is below the threshold.

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