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Twitter announces Partner Audiences, Improving Ad Targeting

By   /  March 12, 2015  /  No Comments

Twitter announced via their advertisers blog that they are now offering Partner Audiences.

These audiences allow you to advertise to Twitter users that exhibit particular behaviors or interests. There are a variety of benefits to using these audiences, including that you can choose to show your ads to people who have made online purchases of certain types of products or have signaled they are interested in buying something, such as a house or car insurance. The new audiences will even allow you to filter who sees your ads based on income levels.


If this sounds very similar to what Facebook offers, it’s because it is essentially the same thing on a different social media platform. The fine details of what each audience filter contains may vary, but the new system allows you to greatly improve your ad targeting on Twitter based on more than just what people have Tweeted about.

According to Twitter, there are more than 1,000 partner audiences to choose from, and they work with with look-alike targeting, allowing you to also advertise to individuals with interests similar to those in your selected audience.

Twitter users are able to opt out of the program by managing advertising options in their Twitter settings, but few if any people will bother. I mean, I know that I can do it and thanks to Twitter’s (current) fairly noninvasive advertising, I’ve not bothered to do it myself.

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