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Video ads are the new rage… or are they?

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In today’s news: Ad agencies are totally behind video ads, Flash ads may finally be dying and more…

Are Video Ads Worth It? About 40 Percent Of Ad Agencies Say They’re Not Sure

Although it seems like videos are THE way to go for advertising, it turns out that a lot of advertisers aren’t entirely sure they’re working or reaching target audiences. A survey done by Strata and released through eMarketer found that 40% of those surveyed weren’t sure video ads provided a return on investment. Additionally, 60% stated that they weren’t sure if those ads were being seen by their target audience.

Another common concern was whether ads were viewed. A study from Integral Ad Science determined that only about 40% of video ads were seen in the second quarter of 2015. Still, while advertisers might have their concerns, it doesn’t seem to have stopped the flow of spending on video ads, with a year-over-year growth in spending of about $2 billion dollars.

Instagram’s private test of app-install ads shows more engaged users

A study done by adjust shows that Instagram users that install apps from ads are way more likely to use those apps and keep doing so than when they are downloaded from ads on other sites. Instagram users spent 70% more time in apps downloaded through ads on the site than people who downloaded them through other means, and after 2 weeks, they continued using an app 20 percent longer.

This is pretty significant because studies show that people frequently download an app and then never use it. However, it’s important to note that the study took place during Instagram’s beta test of advertising, when only a select number of companies could show ads. Therefore, these results may be due to the fact that advertisers chosen were very much in line with the interests of the site’s user base.


AOL Applies Ad-Tech Know-How to Ad Creation

AOL has launched a tool for advertisers that lets them create ads to fit the screen they’re being shown on. One by AOL: Creative allows advertisers to create everything from video to banner ads that will automagically change to fit the device or screen they’re being shown on. These ads can be displayed through AOL’s ad-buying system as well as others, and the benefit to AOL is that even if the ads are showing up through another network, AOL will still get tracking data.


Agencies Ready for the Move Away From Flash Ads

As a result of the recent Chrome update that automatically pauses Flash ads, it looks like advertisers are finally starting to move away from using Flash. Reviled by all but advertisers themselves, Flash ads can be bandwidth, battery and resource hogs, and ad agencies are reporting that they’re finally converting Flash ads en mass to HTML5. The managing director of media at AKQA stated that 80% of web ads created by AKQA were Flash just a few months ago, but they’re all HTML5 now. Along with Google’s move to kill Flash ads in their tracks, the Interactive Advertising Bureau has advised brands to move to HTML5.

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