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Google thinks you’re willing to pay to get YouTube ad free

By   /  September 28, 2015  /  No Comments

In today’s news: YouTube to offer ad free paid service, ad blockers blocking more than just ads and more…

YouTube Is Prepping Its Subscription Launch: Two Services, One Price

YouTube has made official that it’s going to launch an ad free service that goes beyond allowing people to watch music videos without ads. The service is expected to cost $10 per month and will allow subscribers to watch all YouTube content without having to see ads. YouTube content creators have been emailed a new terms of service that reflects their acknowledgement of this change, and the TOS needs to be agreed to by Oct. 22 or their videos will no longer be available.

Popular iPhone Ad Blocker Will Let Users Decide Whether to Allow Unannoying Ads

Crystal, the second most popular ad blocker on Apple’s App Store, has stated that it is going to start allowing people to decide if they want to see ads that meet the standards of the Acceptable Ads initiative. A future update will also allow people to add websites to whitelists, allowing ads to show up for them. The creator of the app said that a brute force, block all the ads app doesn’t encourage advertisers and publishers to start showing ads that aren’t awful and disruptive, which is why they’re making the changes.

Will Swedish media block users who filter ads?

The Washington Post’s move to start blocking people from seeing content if they’re using an ad blocker appears to have emboldened other newspapers. Sweden’s largest newspaper, Aftonbladet, is saying that they’re considering blocking the blockers, especially as it looks like they’re going to be losing revenue as a result of them. Since a third of Swedes use ad blockers, I’d be surprised if they aren’t already.

Google to match Facebook by giving advertisers better data targeting

There are rumors that Google is about to offer a marketing service to its customers that is very similar to Facebook’s Atlas. The new system will allow advertisers to upload their customer lists to Google, and Google will then show these customers ads through Gmail, YouTube and other Google properties. Based on customer data, Google will also allow advertisers to show ads to other individuals not in their customer list that have similar profiles.

iOS ad blockers might be messing with your online shopping

If you’re using an iOS ad blocker, don’t expect to have a good time if you want to buy something. Engaget discovered that a number of websites for online retailers were buggy or flat out didn’t work if an ad blocker was installed. While Amazon worked fine, there were a number of times where they author couldn’t even get product pages to load for Target, and Walmart’s website gave similar results. There are also a number of sites that won’t display shopping carts, so it seems like the ad blockers can’t differentiate friend from foe when it comes to online shopping.

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