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Here’s how to attract Facebook comments by being illiterate. Literally.

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Homonym errors, spelling mistakes and subject-verb disagreements, oh my!

This Small Business Monday I’m going to tell you about my favorite writing tool, Ginger Software. The ability to communicate, especially in the business world is incredibly important, but something as small as confusing as your and you’re can make someone question your intelligence. In spite of the fact that I sometimes write its when I mean it’s doesn’t mean that I am not guilty of having negative thoughts when I see someone make the same mistake. I know that I know the difference, but for some reason I don’t give everyone else the same benefit of the doubt. (Human nature being what it is, if I like what the person is saying, they get a pass. If I disagree with what’s written, they are clearly idiots.)

The reality is that these type of errors occur all the time and slip past quickly and easily, and our brain has this wonderful “feature” where it makes grammatical errors appear correct unless we read something out loud. Ginger Software has saved me from far more boneheaded writing errors than I care to admit. The software is available for free, and it checks for spelling, homonym, subject-verb agreement and a variety of other common errors. It will also give you hints about comma placement and the like, but it’s not so great at punctuation. 

Click on the story link below to download the software and stop being afraid of they’re their and there.

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