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A ratio of one ad in 25 tweets is not good enough for Twitter, Apparently

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Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo on stage

As with just about everything else, Twitter is running to catch up with Facebook in terms of the numbers of ads it shows.1

According to The Verge, Twitter is looking to show one about one ad for every 20 tweets, but right now, Twitter’s range is around 25 to 30 Tweets for every ad. Coincidentally2, Facebook currently shows about one ad for every 20 posts.

Facebook drowning in ads; Twitter, not so much

What’s interesting is that many are saying that Facebook is experiencing such a deluge of ads that they’re looking for ways to filter which are shown and which aren’t, such as via the recently introduced Relevancy Score. On the other hand, the only reason I can see that Twitter hasn’t upped their Tweet to ad ration yet is because they don’t have the ads to show. This is backed up by the fact that Facebook continues to increase the cost of advertising on the social media platform while Twitter is considered by some to be a “cheap” platform to advertise from.

Twitter to leverage Google, non-subscription users

In effort to bring in more advertisers, Twitter is trying to make the platform more accessible to users. Per the New York Times, Twitter recently bought Niche, an ad agency that works with brands and content creators to leverage media oriented social sites like Vine and Instagram.

Twitter has also teamed up with Google to start having Tweets show up as results in searches. They are also working to make the platform seem less daunting to casual users with the instant timeline feature and by sending notifications when someone Tweets something that is likely to be of interest. Twitter is also looking to create highlight lists of Tweets for major events, which will of course also show ads, and the Cricket World Cup will be the first test run to see how casual users and non-users respond to curated Tweets.[3]

[1] As much grief as I give Twitter for always trailing behind Facebook, I personally prefer Twitter and spend enormous amounts of time on the site, whereas I check into Facebook once or twice a week at most.
[2] Not really.
[3] “Best of” Tweet lists are already quite popular on a number of sites, so it seems like Twitter is taking advantage of an existing concept and just throwing some ads in.

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