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Twitter makes “amplify ads” user friendly to alleviate advertisers frustrations

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Twitter’s Amplify program is a popular-ish one, but it has a major drawback of being a bit convoluted, which meant that creating a campaign was a hassle. According to a report from Forbes, Twitter is making the program much easier to use and allows advertisers to create ads on the fly.

The Amplify program works by allowing companies to pay to promote Tweets and append pre-roll ad content to the beginning of a video, vine or other type of media. For example, the Tweet below is an NBA clip, but it was promoted by State Farm, and before you can view the video, you have a 3 second ad to watch.

What made this process cumbersome was the fact that you can’t pick just any Tweet to attach advertising to. A content creator must have made a deal with Twitter to allow ads to be attached. This generated a lot of back and forth between Twitter and prospective advertisers, and as someone explained to AdAge, it turned a lot of people off of Amplify.

Amplify campaigns have “just been a huge pain in the ass to activate,” said Dentsu Aegis Network’s head of social Travis Freeman in an email. That has resulted in a couple of the agency group’s clients trying Amplify campaigns once but never following up with a second effort “because of all the back and forth with Twitter then the publisher, etc.,” Mr. Freeman said.

The new system streamlines this process, so campaigns can be created in real-time. If a company sees a Tweet with multimedia start to trend, they can create an Amplify campaign to piggyback on the attention the Tweet is getting (so long as the content creator has a deal with Twitter for Amplify usage).

However, it behooves content creators to make those deals with Twitter. Since Tweets are promoted by the brand advertising with them, content creators stand to get a lot more attention, something a lot of Twitter users seem to desperately need.

Image Credit: Kevin Krejci

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