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Click to call me. Please.

By   /  July 12, 2014  /  No Comments

Did you know that AdWords lets you include a phone number with click to call capabilities in ads?

If you’ve followed TenScores Google+ page, you’ve probably noticed I’m a bit vocal about your need to give in and admit that mobile is a thing. (Stop making me scroll and pinch all over your website. Let responsive or scalable web design love you.) However, instead of haranguing you about creating a mobile site, I’m going to pester you about mobile pay-per-click ads in this post.

In addition to the fact that you can create mobile versions of your PPC ads as well as designating which ads and landing pages are for mobile devices, you can also choose to include a click to call option in your mobile PPC ads. For people with bad connections, are just trying to get directions or just want to talk to a live person (weird, I know), click to call is awesome. 

Your ads also link to your mobile site, so you’re not choosing either or, and the cost for a call is the same as a click. The number that will be dialed is an 800 number set up by Google that redirects to a number that you specify, which means that it’s easy to track leads and ROI from these ads.

For more information about how to set up click to call mobile ads, click on the story from link below. (I used the word “click” like a million times in this post, and now it sounds strange.)

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