Pilot program · Limited spots

Google Ads Advisory Service For The DIY Business Owner.

You've tried agencies, it didn't work, you'd rather do it yourself. It's your money in the end. Let us help you craft your plan towards a specific goal.

1 spot available
Limited to 3 spots. Priority given to TenScores customers.
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Hi there 👋

Chris here, co-founder of Tenscores, a small business growing from helping other small businesses.

My background is in affiliate marketing, where every dollar spent must prove itself to generate as many multiples of itself as it possibly can.

An arbitrage system where we acquired leads via Google Ads and re-sold them at a margin. My sole focus was to make that margin as wide as possible.

From mistakes to losses to successes, patterns emerged, processes came to be.

It is that knowledge that is building Tenscores.

The psychology of the search is more important than the technology of the search. That's what I learned.

We've been experimenting with a special kind of advisory service for a few weeks now and would be deligthed if you joined us in this pilot program.

It starts with a short discussion to see if we can truly help.

If we can, the typical plan starts out at $1,500 depending on the size of your Google Ads account.

We help you set acheivable goals, and craft a plan for you to follow to reach that goal.

Every business is different, and so is every plan.

I'm looking forward to chatting with you.

CEO & Co-founder @ TenScores