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The following are unsollicited blog reviews from customers about their experience with Tenscores.

Brian Jackson

Brian Jackson Chief Marketing Officer At Kinsta @brianleejackson

From a cost-per-click of $2.35 down to $1.79 in 7 days.

I have tried a lot of PPC tools, such as, adspike, wordstream, etc and none have compared to the almost instant results and ROI that I got with Tenscores. And the funny thing is, it is by far the cheapest of all of them.

I rarely ever give any tool a full 5 stars, but Tenscores is by far the best AdWords Optimization tool I have tried. Try it today and improve your Adwords quality scores while decreasing your CPC!

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David Melamed

David Melamed Founder of Tenfold Traffic @DavidMelamed

It has increased my overall quality score by 0.4 in only two days!

All of the features mentioned are awesome. I actually loaded a client account in there, and not only did it make recommendations, it automatically rebuilt my campaigns to focus on an increase in Quality Scores and deployed it to my account, pausing the old campaign. So far, it has increased my overall quality score by 0.4 and that is only in two days. The tool also does all sorts of quick analysis on your account to see what you can do to improve your quality scores.

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Sergio Jodar Serna

Sergio Jodar Serna Gestor de Cuentas Adwords para E-commerce @sergiojs11

Porque como somos unos freakys del Pago Por Click sabemos manejar algunas herramientas muy chulas como lo es Tenscores, y esta te permite medir las variaciones del nivel de calidad en el tiempo. Y como es muy poco conocida, te vamos a hablar sobre cómo analizar y mejorar el Nivel de Calidad en las campañas de búsqueda con Tenscores, y así poder reducir los CPC, y por ende, reducir la métrica más importante el CPA.

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Brian Casson

Bryan Casson CEO at Casson Media @bryancasson

Allows you to manage your Google AdWords quality score easily. This programme outlines in detail the good and the bad areas of your campaign that affect quality score. The dashboard is easy to use and much cleaner than its rivals.

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Adam Green

Adam Green Internet Marketer @maplenorth

It’s rare that I come across a ppc tool that I’m instantly won over by but after using TenScores, its a wonder it took this long to develop a great quality score tool. TenScores is a great tool that allows PPC management teams or individuals to monitor their historical quality scores in a simple but effective interface.

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