Keyword Management Tools.

Keyword research, duplicates identification, negative keywords tool, bid optimization & cleanup operations done for you to approve or reject.

Tenscores Keyword Tool

Keyword research, automated.

Get new keywords from search terms report and Keyword Planner.

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Duplicate keywords, exposed.

Duplicate search terms are lurking unrestrained in your account. It's time to stop them.

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Negative keywords, extracted.

Reduce wasted spent by adding negative keywords extracted from your low performing terms.

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Manual bidding, maximized.

Bid for highest profitablity using Google's own engine, in your control.

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Everything else, cleaned out.

Keyword with no impressions, clicks, conversions, profits are unproductive. Deal with them.

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Over the years we have worked with multiple PPC tools. However, Tenscores is the only tool where all our team members gave both thumbs up! It is not just about improving the results, Tenscores user interface is very intuitive and solid. Our main site has decreased CPC by more than 23% thanks to Tenscores. On top of that the cost is very reasonable! 100%! Greetings from Cyprus. ” Daniel Martinsson, Red Hat Holdings
Built for small business owners first, used by organizations of all sizes.