Broad Match Modifer Doesn't Exist Anymore.

If you're looking for the broad modified match type in Google Ads, you're out of luck... it's gone!

What happened to broad match modifier (BMM).

On February 4 2022, Google announced they would no longer support the use of broad match modified match type, and would instead introduce its behaviour into the existing phrase match type.

How it used to work.

Before Broad Match Modifier existed, we had the notorious Broad Match. A hell of a match type that would open the floodgates of bad traffic to our websites. The only way to mitigate the ineffectiveness of Broad Match was by simply ignoring it all together and using Phrase Match instead, which would give control over which queries triggered our ads.

However, this meant that we were missing out on relevant queries that did not meet the specifications of Phrase Match.

The remedy was brought in with Broad Match Modifier (also known as Broad Modified Match), which would restrict the wild nature of the pure Broad Match and force it to include specific words of your choosing. By simply putting a "+" sign in front of specific words in your keyword choices, you would tell Google to show your ad only when that specific word was in the search.

What to use instead.

Broad Match Modifer is no longer supported. But that doesn't mean its capabilities are gone completely. What Google did was to incorporate the capabilities of Broad Match Modifier into the capabilities of Phrase Match. What this means is that Phrase Match no longer works the way it used to work, instead it has adopted the capabilities of BMM. So if you're looking for Broad Modifer, you will find it in Phrase Match.

How to react to this change?

What this change essentially means is not that Broad Match is dead, but that it was turned into Phrase Match. In fact, it is the capabalities of Phrase Match that are dead. We wrote a an article explaining the nuances of this change, how it affects advertisers, and exactly how to react to it. It's worth your read: Google Killed Phrase Match. The truth.

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