Keyword Grouping Tool.

Based on user search intent, keywords are automaticaly restructured in closely related families to make sure each message is targeted at the right people.

See structure problems at a glance

Instantly see how many ad groups have structure problems in a campaign.

Google ads structure problems

Fix them in a few steps

Restructure entire campaigns in an intuitive interface.

Google Ads Regrouper
With SMAGs (Recommended)

Single match type ad groups

Stop match types from competing with each other with single match type ad groups.

Single Match Type Adgroups

Single keyword ad groups

Go granular by chosing single keyword ad groups that will allow you to write hyper focused ads.

Single Keyword Adgroups (SKAGs)

Choose your settings

You can change how your ad groups are created by making them tighter or less.

Regrouper Settings


The regrouper uses Google's machine learning technology to group keywords by search intent and in highly related families.

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... I have a question regarding this new feature I see called adgroup regrouping. I tried it and got quite interesting results that improved campaign I had on average at 3.1 QS up to 7 right away. I had managed to improve CTR for those keywords from 2% up to 10% but for some reason QS didn't change much so I decided to try this regrouping and the results quite surprised me...” Mārtiņš Kažemaks, CEO at Top Media
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