Bid optimization for manual bidding in Google Ads.

Automated bidding works when you have a lot of conversion data to feed the engine, this is for the rest of us who don't.

Maximum profitablity bids

From Google's own traffic estimates at various bids, and a Max CPA computed by Tenscores, now you can see the bids that lead to maximum profitablity.

Bids For Maximum Profits

Here's how it works:

Step 1

Google's bid simulator

We start with Google's traffic and cost simulations of different proposed bids.

Google Ads Bid Simulator
Step 2

Estimated Max. CPA

From your data, we estimate the maximum amount you should pay for a conversion (can be edited).

Estimated Max CPA
Step 3

Bids of maximum profitablity

With your max CPA and Google's simulation, we show you the bids that will yield maximum profitability.

Bids For Maximum Profits

Ad group or keyword level

Profitable bids are suggested at the ad group or keyword level.

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