Search Query Mining.

New ad groups are automatically created from high performing search terms. Approve, reject or send them as negatives.

From Search terms reports

High performing terms from your search terms reports are promoted to be keywords.

New keywords from search terms reports

From keyword planner

The keyword planner is used to find keywords that are related to your highly performing terms.

New keywords from Keyword Planner

In well structured ad groups

You don't have to worry about creating ad groups, your new keywords are arlready structured.

New Adgroup

Edit match types

Exact match is the default but you can add or remove match types.

Editing Match Types Animation

Or send to negatives

If a keyword looks like it doesn't belong, send it to the negatives.

Send To Negatives

Approve ads & bids before publishing

Ads and bids are automatically added to your new ad groups, you can edit them before publishing.

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