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I wish I could keep this a secret, but Tenscores has helped me get a 10x return on ad spend (ROAS) for a client. When I tested Google Ads reps’ recommendations for ad formats & optimization though, ROAS went down tremendously. So the overall lesson I’ve learned is: trust Tenscores, not Google Adwords reps that call with advice. :).” Steve Chafe, Chief Impact Officer, Online Impact Group
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Yatin Mulay, Founder of Zen Online Marketing

Increase your Quality Scores to get cheaper clicks and more conversions.

The journey to 10/10 Quality Scores teaches how to write better PPC ads that attract clicks, and what to put on landing pages to increase conversion rate. Click on the tools below to see how Tenscores helps.

Why Google created Quality Score
How Tenscores helps you increase Quality Score
How Quality Score fits in the ad auction (original version)
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What's The Value Of High Quality Scores?

About a year ago someone challenged our co-founder to show some proof of results. Here's what happened.

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How Do You Get A Perfect 10/10 score?

Getting a 10/10 Quality Score happens when your ad CTR is much higher than all other advertisers in your ad auctions.

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How To Write Magnetic Google Ads?

Every search is a story. Successful ads depend on how well you know your prospect and what her story is.

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Watch how Google recommends bidding on keywords
Treat your keywords like your team working towards a common goal
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Find Your Optimal Manual Bids Before Automation

Calculate the optimum Manual CPC bid for a Google Ads keyword or ad group — in 3 simple steps!

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Ad Copy Quizzes

We share a real world Google Ad copywriting quiz every week. It's a fun way to learn and get new ideas for your own ads.

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Read The Masterpiece Written In 1923

"The time has come when advertising has in some hands reached the status of a science. It is based on fixed principles..."

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Tenscores takes so much of the work out of managing our Google Ads spend. The Google Ads interface is complex and frankly, feels it is deliberately designed to make me spend more. Also, I'm loving your new content game. Bravo. ” Cate Hull, Founder @ Freight Exchange

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