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“Top Rated” vs “Free Consultation” Copy Quiz #39

Test your instincts:

Of these two ads, one has a slightly better click-through-rate but the other has a significantly better conversion rate. Choose the one you think has the better conversion rate…

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Ad Copy To Track A Fleet Of Trucks Copy Quiz #38

Definition — A tachograph is a device that is put in vehicles such as trucks and buses in order to record information such as how fast the vehicle goes, how far it travels, and the number of breaks the driver takes.

Test your instincts:

One of these two ads has a 58.3% higher CTR. Read them carefully then guess which ad won!

This test was kindly provided by Joe of FleetGo.

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An “If condition” in a Google Ad. Does it win? Copy Quiz #37

Be careful, the “if condition” might not be the determinant factor.
If condition google ads test

The “If condition” can be seen in in color in the second ad between the brackets. Here’s how it works…

If the user is on a mobile device, the description line shows:

Tap To Find Out More About The *Product* Freedoms – Full Advice Zero Obligation.

If not, then the line shows:

We Make Understanding The *Product* Freedoms Easy – Full Advice, Zero Obligation.

Choose your winner!

One of these two ads has a slightly higher, but statistically significant, conversion rate. Find it.

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