“Buy High DA Quality Backlinks” Copy Quiz #115

Apple BergoniaBy Apple Bergonia
Google Ads Copy Quiz 115 - OutReachFrog
This ad test was kindly provided by Jeremy of Outreachfrog.
Too many frogs!

In a world of fierce competition, Iman finds himself in a constant struggle to grow his business.

One evening, feeling particularly exasperated, he retreats to his office with a cold beer in hand for a momentary reprieve. As he settles into his chair, in despair, he opens the laptop once more and decides to seek guidance from a new friend – ChatGPT.

In hopeful anticipation, he poses the question that has been gnawing at him: “How can I boost my website rankings?”

The AI proposes a few potential solutions, among them, one in particular captures his interest: “Consider buying backlinks for your website.”

Iman turns to Google and searches “backlinks for my website.”

That was the story of a potential buyer of backlinks.

As an advertiser, who’s job it is to understand the searcher and craft ads to attract him, which of the two ads above do you think were better at doing their job?

Got skills?

Find the Google ad responsible for a 78% lift in click-through-rate (CTR), from 2.3% to 4.1%!

The correct answer is revealed after you vote.

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