An Exercise In User Research For Google Ads Copywriting Copy Quiz #114

Apple BergoniaBy Apple Bergonia
A real-world ad test kindly provided by Enric of

The following are two story lines that could be at the heart of a particular user’s search. Only one of them is correct. Find it and vote for the ad that won the user’s attention.

Jen had always been passionate about coffee. As a coffee connoisseur, she loved exploring different flavors and experiencing the unique characteristics of each region’s beans. Her next adventure was set to take her to Colombia, the land of exquisite coffee. However, she wanted to immerse herself in the local culture and communicate with the farmers, so she decided to learn Spanish first.

The coffee lover she is, Jen entered one of her favourite coffee shops and settled at a table beside a floor-to-ceiling window, offering a captivating view of New York City’s bustling streets. With her laptop open, she began searching for “spanish language classes”.

Known for his athletic prowess, Danny was a football prodigy. His powerful arm and nimble feet were legendary, and whispers of a future NFL career followed him around school.

Despite his athletic talents, Danny had a nemesis off the field – Spanish class. This was his final hurdle before graduation, the verbs and vocabulary refused to stick. His dream college, renowned for both its sports program and rigorous academics, demanded a passing Spanish grade for admission.

One day, as he sat in the library, a conversation caught his attention. Two exchange students were excitedly discussing their favourite players. Danny listened with rapt attention, but he could only pick out a few words in their rapid Spanish.

A thought struck Danny. Spanish was not just a class to pass, but a key to understanding a world beyond his own, a world where football wasn’t just a sport, but a language that united people.

That evening, instead of the usual drills and game tapes, Danny found himself in front of his computer. His hands hovered over the keyboard before he decisively typed in the search bar, “spanish language classes”. He was determined to conquer this hurdle, not just for graduation, but for the world it would open up to him.

Which ad won the click?

Find the Google ad responsible for a 168% lift in click-through-rate (CTR), from 3.1% to 8.3%!

The correct answer is revealed after you vote.

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