Does Dynamic Keyword Insertion Improve Google Ad CTR? Copy Quiz #4

Christian N.By Christian N.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI), it allows parts of the text ad to change dynamically and be replaced by the exact keywords used in your ad group. More here.

You can see it in the second ad (variation B) anything between the green {Keyword: …. } is dynamically replaced with one of the keywords in the ad group if the keyword matches exactly what a person typed.

With that in mind …

How good is your gut?

Was DKI a good idea in this case? Choose the ad you think got almost triple the CTR (191% increase) …

Christian N.

About Christian N.

I'm one of the two-man team that founded Tenscores, wrote my first PPC ad in 2007, got hooked and haven't stopped since.
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