“Get a Quote Today” vs “Everyday Low Prices” Quiz #109

Apple BergoniaBy Apple Bergonia
This ad test was kindly provided by Maria of PC International.

Tim had been eyeing a new gaming laptop for weeks now, but his budget was limited. He had saved up some money, but it was still not enough to buy the high-end laptop he really wanted. He had been browsing different websites, comparing prices and specifications, but nothing seemed to fit his requirements.

The above are two of the ads he might have seen, one of them was good enough to get his click, which one?

Is your laptop keyboard greasy yet?

How strong is your intuition?

Find the ad that lifted click-through-rates by 53% and the Conversion Rate by 68%.

The correct answer is revealed after you vote.

Apple Bergonia

About Apple Bergonia

I get it wrong most of the time too! :D
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