Selfish vs Selfless Quiz #103

Apple BergoniaBy Apple Bergonia

“Those are very selfish calls to action.”

That’s what Chris said 17 quizzes ago, criticizing Marco about positioning his clients’ ads in the light of what the organization would gain, instead of what the user would.

Yes he did, let’s remember…

So, we put his money where his mouth is and put those headlines to the test:

Old Headlines New Headlines
1 Contribute & Save A Life Save A Life & Save Your Life
2 Join Our Mission Put A Smile On Your Face
3 Join The Registry You Get More When You Give
4 Make A Donation Good Karma Always Comes Back
5 Get Involved It’s One Way To Happiness

Those headlines have been highlighted in Version A above.

Remember, the goal was to increase Conversion Rate (CVR) with a responsive search ad. The initial ad has a CVR of 3.8%.

Did it work?

Chris is full of Crap.

Is Chris full of crap?

Choose the ad you think had the stronger conversion rate!

The correct answer is revealed after you vote.

This ad test was kindly provided by Marco.

Apple Bergonia

About Apple Bergonia

I get it wrong most of the time too! :D
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